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Well, my family's website isn't the best. I made it even before I had any professional work experience. But since I have some time right now and want to improve/expand my skills, I figured remaking the project in a newer, more manageable stack would benefit me and my family!
As a Gatsby developer, I thought to myself, why not remake it in one of Gatsby's biggest competitors; NextJs. Something new and exciting!
The stack
Starting a project almost always takes waaay longer than anticipated. This definitely was the case for this one. I started off with a NextJS Typescript starter I found online which already gave me a decent foundation to start with.
Next, I got to experiment a bit with Eslint, as this was something I had never configured before (the main struggle was learning to read the docs in my opinion). Once that was ready, I implemented Tailwind. This, because I figured learning two new technologies at once is double the fun (or struggle, dependant on how things go)!
With those and some more minor elements configured, it was time to properly start coding. But of course, it did not take long until I ran into my first problem... (To be continued)
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Jonathan Lauwers
Web developer

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