Portfolio revamp
The whole reason why I created this portfolio in the first place, was to get more experience, expose my work to possible clients/partners and have a playground to fall back to in case I want to try something new.
With this in mind, I started thinking about how I could improve my portfolio so it would look more appealing and/or have more pages to explore which would then hopefully result in more interactions!
So what did I do?
Since my portfolio only had a landings page and project pages, it needed some more variety without requiring a whole lot of new components.
With this reusability approach, I went for an expansion to the current page model. Here, I added a pageType field, to define what kind of page I was going to create. The options I added were "Project", "Blog", "Overview", "Landing" and "Home". With these options in mind, I'm sure you can guess what I did next.
I mapped all the different options to their own respected url if needed, for example: I made all pages with pageType "Blog" go to /articles/<slug of page>.
A clear overview
With these new page types, I started working on putting them into action. At first, I created support for the "Overview" page type so I could easily manage the overview page of all my blog articles and projects.
This page did not require much extra effort besides the creation of the grid component with its respected resolver and a filter on the projects page so users could easily filter the projects by category.
More fun stuff
With the overview pages out of the way, I started working on implementing article support. Due to the power of Contentful and my reusable approach, I did not have to create any extra components as my portfolio already supported paragraph sections with and without images.
What I did have to do is expand the rich text support, as before this whole revamp, it only supported basic features like bold and italic text. I quickly added support for inline entries, inline hyperlinks, more headings and different kinds of list styling.
Looking back at this, I noticed that I could have used so much more of this power during the initial stage of this whole project. However, it's never too late and I will definitely keep this in mind when creating new components.
Related stuff
Lastly, it was time to create something more directed towards the users.
Since I'm hoping that users navigate to at least one page, I thought it would be a good idea to create a related and last section, with the option to choose between articles or projects. This would then hopefully encourage users to click to a related or latest item. This however, required a bit more work as I did not want to re-use the same components I was using already.
Luckily, I did not have to make any new content models on Contentful as the data used would be the same as the other card components. So after created the respected resolvers and the new related/latest component. All that was left to do was put all the pieces together and boom! The revamping was done!
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