During my third bachelor year at PXL University College, I had a course named Mobile Development. During this course I got the assignment to create our own mobile application in teams of two. Either for iOS or Android devices. With me and my teammate having Windows laptops, we decided to go with Android.
At the start of the project we got a list of criteria our project had to abide. This list included criteria like "have atleast x amount of pages", "create reusable components", and more.
Me not having any Android development experience resulted in quite a learned curve. Luckily I found the right tutorials and documentation online which helped me create the application I wanted to make.
This project sparked quite an interest in mobile development in which I hope to experiment even more in the future.
Used technologies

Java is the technology of choice for building applications using managed code that can execute on mobile devices.

Android is an open source software platform and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices. The Android platform allows developers to write managed code using Java to manage and control the Android device.

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service that started as a startup and grew up into a next-generation app-development platform on Google Cloud Platform.

Firebase frees developers to focus crafting fantastic user experiences. You don’t need to manage servers. You don’t need to write APIs. Firebase is your server, your API and your datastore, all written so generically that you can modify it to suit most needs.

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