This was my actual first project, working as a freelancer in secondary occupation. The project itself did not last very long as I had a different offer kicking off not much later, which was okay by the client.
Due to only having limited time, a limited final product was to be expected.
Even though I was only able to work for a bit less than 7 days, I got to work with my own Gatsby Typescript starter and the Strapi CMS. This enabled me to further polish my own starter and learn some more about a new CMS.
Used technologies

Gatsby is a blazing fast modern site generator for React which enables the power of the latest web technologies, including React.js, Webpack, modern Javascript and CSS and more.

It lets you choose data from all kinds of sources, from headless CMSs to APIs. It is internet scalable, easily deployable and future-proof!

The leading open-source headless CMS. It’s 100% Javascript, fully customizable and developer-first.

TypeScript is an open-source language which builds on JavaScript, one of the world’s most used tools, by adding static type definitions.

Types provide a way to describe the shape of an object, providing better documentation, and allowing TypeScript to validate that your code is working correctly.

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Jonathan Lauwers
Web developer

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